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Ideas for sessions

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Learn to Support Agile Teams as a Manager by Playing Delegation Poker


I would like to offer a session playing Jurgen Appelos Management 3.0 Delegation Poker game to give you a chance to learn a nice free tool which helps us coaches to deliver a new view on how delegation in an agile environment works.

I've got cards for a group of 15 participants with me.


Kai Simons

Iterative Agile Game Design Workshop


Last year I helped facilitate a workshop on iterative game design. I've already had some requests to do this this year too, so let's do it again.


Participants can come with a need or an idea for a game, or merely to try the iterative game design framework out. Then we can self-organize into design groups for a good mix of problem owners and designers.


I can facilitate the workshop according to Iterative Game Design framework. I think it would be nice to start the workshop early on and continue it among other activities throughout the weekend. Since I'll only provide the framework (an maybe a few questions) everyone is welcome to make the process even better by providing their own ideas to make the game concepts even better.


Antti Kirjavainen


Creating and Deepening Pragmatic Personas with Applied Drama Techniques


I have an idea on how to use a couple of applied drama techniques to support creation of pragmatic personas in the scope definition / analysis of a new product or service. (Pragmatic Personas? Pragmatic Personas by Jeff Patton)


Applied drama techniques I'd like to use are related to role and context building. They are easy to try out in few minutes. 


I want to try these out in practice and invent new ways of supporting persona exploration as well.


Antti Kirjavainen


What happened at Stoos? What's next?


The Stoos Group have described a vision of organisations that is far, far from the machine-metaphor driving many organisations into the ground today. http://stoosnetwork.org Curious about what it means? Me too. Let's dream together about how to create jobs that are more like play than work - and that create win-win-win for workers, customers and society.


Deborah Preuss


Playing with Patterns


I just received my GroupWorks pattern cards (pattern language for bringing life to meetings and other gatherings).

We also had a discussion about patterns on the Stoos linkedIn group.

And, of course, my implementation of FearlessJourney game, based on our work at p4a11 is based on FearlessChange patterns.


These three things together are inspiring all kinds of ideas in me. Come see the card deck and how they propose we 'play' with pattern cards.

What does it inspire in us at p4a? Can't wait to see.


Deborah Preuss


PS: got patterns? bring!! I will bring Core Protocols, Fearless Change, Group Works cards, Beautiful Company patterns, Org Patterns of Agile book by Coplien and Linda Rising's Pattens Handbook.



Imagineering Agile Stories


People have a difficult time getting started writing useful Agile stories. The needed info sits inside many heads and at the start you don't know just what information you need, or which heads it's in. When an Agile project gets initiated, the implementers and stakeholders condense stories out of the group's "knowledge fog" just like rain is condensed out of the air.


There are some pretty standard "starting moves" such as asking what needs to happen, who (role) it benefits, and how we will know when it's done. There are many ways to go off the rails too - like listing 50 items as the "done" criteria; like trying to write Agile stories alone, etc.


Can we create a game that will help people to create useful stories and avoid the biggest pitfalls?



The core of Agile practice is to make a more direct link between action and result. But projects cannot be conceived in just one mind - story writing needs to be a way for groups to think together to carve the work into chunks so that when completed there can be valuable feedback. I'm very much influenced by the elegant way Bret Victor describes "Inventing on Principle" in this video:


He shows how easy invention is if you can immediately see the effect of code changes. Can we make a game that helps teams do the same thing for chopping projects into the best chunks to establish a lean workflow?


- Nancy Van Schooenderwoert


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